Managing the loading and unloading of goods

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Integrated solution for commercial vehicles


Cities share the need to effectively regulate and monitor the entrance, duration of stay, and routes carried out by commercial traffic in various urban areas each day.   The automatic LTZ access control system, through expensive gates equipped with cameras for license plate recognition, cannot be effectively used to verify the actual duration of a vehicle’s stay, nor its compliance with municipal regulations regarding the pre-established time slots for loading/unloading goods and the routes it is allowed to travel. Traditional paper permits to be displayed on the dashboard are easy to counterfeit and their validity is not immediately verifiable by the control personnel nor any automated systems. New control, management, and sales services are needed, both in web and mobile format, in order to reduce the load of users on traditional channels and to meet the desire for accessible services anytime and anywhere.

Monitoring the stays of commercial vehicles in LTZs

With RFID Mobility Gates, installed at each LTZ entry and exit point, it is possible to identify the RFID Mobility Passes assigned to the vehicle for loading/unloading goods, thus making it possible to detect the exact entry and exit times, as well as any unauthorized stays beyond the time permitted by municipal regulations [solution approved by the Italian Data Protection Authority].

Effective checks against unauthorized use and counterfeiting

The RFID tag inserted in the Mobility Passes ensures that the permit cannot be counterfeited and that it is easily verifiable with INES Conductor via smartphone: the whole process, which is fast and fully digitized, is automatically recorded on the centralized management platform.

Selling permits online

Web and mobile payment systems accessible 24/7 can be easily integrated as well: users can apply for permits online and can purchase and renew them at any time.

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