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Kiunsys was created as an innovative startup,  a spin-off of the University of Pisa, and in 2019 it was acquired by Municipia S.p.A. – Engineering Group, with the aim of enhancing Smart MobilitySmart Parking, and City Logistics offers for more effective management of business and operational processes in the Smart City/Augmented City field.

The solutions we offer – through hardware, software and IoT technologies – optimize access, road safety, and the environmental impact of urban mobility in order to guarantee citizens and businesses access to targeted services in line with their needs.


From access, transit, and parking policies to the digitization of services and the creation of a knowledge base and analysis tools for land-use planning: with our help, city mobility takes a fresh approach by overcoming the fragmentation of silo systems and the integration of multiple technologies and applications.

We also design, build, and manage complex and integrated systems to create limited traffic and low-emission zones, including through public-private partnerships and project financing arrangements.


General Personnel and Organization Department:

Piazzale dell’Agricoltura, 24 – 00144 Rome (RM) – Italy

Tel. +39 06.87594021 / Fax +39 06.87595001

Registered Office: Via Adriano Olivetti, 7 – 38122 Trento (TN) – Italy

Tel. +39 0461.158501 / Fax +39 0461.1585039

Mail to: municipia@eng.it

PEC(certified email): municipia@pec.eng.it ; municipia.servizipec@legamail.it

Website: www.municipia.eng.it

Municipia is part of the Engineering Group, the largest Italian Digital Transformation company with over 12,000 employees worldwide, 65 offices, and more than a billion Euros in annual revenues.

Municipia is the partner for the digital transformation of cities of all sizes for which it creates innovative services through private investments and the absorption of operational risks, thereby increasing the levels of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and sustainability.

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