INES Infomobility & Payments

All mobility services straight on digital channels!

  • Digitalising existing offline processes and bringing relevant information online is one of the biggest challenges in mobility. Especially where real time information becomes crucial, cities are often facing problems in creating easy to use online and offline tools without creating various separate systems.

    With INES Sales & Info, all relevant mobility information are instantly available on Smartphone & Web bringing in real time. No matter if free parking space, pricing policies or congestion areas. Integration of payment systems allow streamlined online purchases and self servicing.

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  • CMS Web application

    With INES Web CMS you introduce web self services to your citizens providing services to register vehicles for congestion zones, pay fines or parking subscriptions. The direct integration into INES Cloud offers custom real time maps to see free parking space, parking areas or congestion zones with the attached pricing policies.

    The INES Web CMS allows custom design modifications to match individual city style guidelines and supports all kind of digital web formats and standards.

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  • Tap&Park

    All INES Cloud managed services can easily be made accessible to smartphone users with Tap&Park the app for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS: sell parking tickets or congestion zone tickets straight from the smartphone.

    With INES Cloud you can additionally provide mobility information like free parking spaces (infoparking) or information on pricing and policies.

    Access to Tap&Park users web site

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