INES Cloud

Manage mobility and parking from one platform!

  • Cities of any size have increasing difficulties to renew existing mobility processes to face increasing urbanisation and reduce costs while increasing revenues. The major obstacles in realisation of these goals are a lag of digitalisation in workflows and missing data for the analysis of to understand the single city’s mobility better and plan more efficiently.

    INES Cloud is a one stop solution for management and analytics of mobility in cities of any size: INES supports the integration of existing hard- and software to manage mobility services on one unified platform. With more than 200 reports it provides all tools needed to get the big picture of mobility while centralising all services via an easy to use interface increasing efficiency and transparency of the public mobility offering.

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  • The integration of handhelds like INES Enforcement allow you to not only verify parking state in real time but bringing all workflows together: parking fines registered by enforcement staff get directly synced to INES Cloud and eliminate double data entry. Automated exports let help you to outsource the collection management.

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  • Use INES Cloud to understand your city: with over 200 reports about revenue, service usage and abuses you can get a detailed holistic picture of your cities mobility. Strong analytic tools help you to aggregate all income streams to get a better overview about different purchase channels and payment choices of your citizen.

    Easy to integrate APIs allow you to connect INES Cloud to existing sensors or use INES InSight to extend your knowledge with Kiunsys sensors for parking occupation.

  • INES Cloud offers extensive smart city reporting