Smarter tools for a smarter city

  • With Kiunsys you can dramatically improve the monitoring & management of  your cities mobility while bringing needed information right where it is need: to your citizens!

    With our modular products you can easily manage and analyse existing infrastructure or easily extend your existing sensor infrastructure to a new depth transforming your urban area in a real “Smart City”.

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  •  INES Cloud

    Mobility Management

    Manage various aspects of mobility including pricing for congestion fees, parking or city logistics and wirelessly transfer them to existing vending infrastructure like parking meters. Selling and the revenue collection becomes easier than ever with integrated tools for online and offline services.  Integrated APIs for mobile enforcement devices allow you to create easily adaptable automated workflows to eliminate the necessity for repetitive workflows of data entry.

    Analysis & Reports

    With more than 100 individual reports INES Cloud allows you to monitor every aspect of mobility including parking space occupation, traffic flows and revenue in real time. Historic analysis tools allow you to gather statistic data allowing you plan and maintain your mobility infrastructure more efficiently and understand future needs of your city.

    APIs and Connectivity

    Integrate INES Cloud with your existing infrastructure and reduce the need redundant tools: INES cloud has various APIs to interact with existing infrastructure like parking space sensors, meters or access gates to gather information and deploy new configurations like changes in pricing or access to restricted areas.

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  • INES Info&Sales

    With INES Info&Sales you bring relevant information and services straight to your citizens: help them to reduce search for parking space by showing the occupation or let citizens pay for parking, congestion fees and subscriptions right from their phones. Our self servicing tools for mobility help you to reduce front desk traffic by up to 30% while providing better and more variable services to your citizens.
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  • INES Conductor

    Validate payment status of vehicles in real time and say stop to falsification: INES Conductor eliminates paper out of your services and integrates seamlessly with INES Cloud to send registered abuses and fines directly to accounting, an additional data entry back office is not necessary. INES Conductor can be combined with various mobile printers or RFID readers to reduce the time spend per vehicle significantly.

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  • INES InSight

    Kiunsys offers a wide range of sensors matching your need: no matter if you want to measure the occupation of one parking spot or the entire city traffic*. All our sensors work seamlessly together with INES Cloud to provide you optimal setups for fully automated city wide congestion fee systems or parking statistics. Get your mobility InSight.
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    * Some solutions are realised in collaboration with partners.
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