MOSAiC, research and development toward urban mobility 4.0

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  • Pisa, March 14th 2018

    Research and development in the service of urban mobility

    MOSAiC – Mobility 4.0 for Smart Cities is a strategic research and development project, co-funded by the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020, coordinated by Alstom Ferroviaria, which includes Kiunsys among its partners, together with other industrial entities, Tages and Devitalia, and two research organizations, the CNIT and the DISIT of the University of Florence.

    MOSAiC aims to analyze, implement and test, based on the skills of each partner, new Mobility 4.0 solutions, dedicated to mobility managers, for the governance, control and influence of travel demand, traffic demand and vehicle flows dynamically and in real time, at the intersection of the main emerging areas of innovation in the transport sector.

    Urban mobility becomes connected, dynamic, demand based

    The project intends to apply, in the management of urban mobility, methods and technologies for the process automation, extending the application of the methodological and technological Industry 4.0 model to the city:

    • to sensorize the urban transport network, transforming it into a data transmission network for the identification of vehicles, people, moving objects (IoT for urban mobility according to C-ITS standards);
    • increase the resilience of cities by making urban infrastructures capable of reacting in real time and dynamically to social, environmental, events, etc. (ATDM – Active Transportation and Demand Management – promoted by the US federal government and used in the management of road networks);
    • promptly communicate every change occurred to the urban regulations for access, transit and parking to citizens and vehicles, both traditional and connected vehicles, (Connected & Autonomous Cars);
    • offer integrated services for the intermodal mobility of people and goods (according to the MaaS perspective).

    From research to the market for increasingly innovative products

    For Kiunsys MOSAiC is the starting point to achieve a product innovation, which is consistent and complementary with the current business portfolio for smart urban mobility management and with its own commercial roadmap, able to meet the emerging market needs expressed by cities and mobility companies in Italy and abroad.

    In fact thanks to the subsequent industrialization of the research results, MOSAiC will allow Kiunsys to realize a series of new modules and components of INES Cloud and Tap&Park, which will enhance the intelligent management capabilities for cities and urban mobility managers and will innovate the user experience for final users:

    • a Decision Support System for the dynamic management of access, transit and parking regulations (ATDM), and related tariffs, in urban areas, able to interface with multiple field HW systems (parking sensors, parking meters, cameras, gates) ZTL) and with MaaS multimodal systems;
    • a V2I environment able to bring on board and automate mobility and parking payment services.