In Trento, access and parking permits are just a click away thanks to the on-line mobility desk

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  • Pisa, December, 2017

    The digitization of Trentino Mobilità

    Established as an operational arm of the Municipality for the on-street paid parking in Trento, Trentino Mobilità has over time increased its powers, with an extensive jurisdiction over several neighboring municipalities and a broader bouquet of managed services (eg bike sharing, car sharing). The transition to Trentino Mobilità in July 2017 of the service for issuing permits for access to the LTZ and parking, in ZTL and in paid areas, was an opportunity to increase the efficiency of the administrative management and improve the quality of services to the citizen.

    For this reason, Trentino Mobilità has decided to acquire digital technologies for a more efficient management of the issue and control of permits, and to make available to users a digital help desk open 24/7 to request and collect the permits – a service to be extend in the future also to the other Municipalities.

    Simplified management of traffic, transit and parking permits

    The choice fell on INES Cloud, the platform for the computerized management of business processes and operational activities of urban mobility, which allows the management of the process of issuing permits for circulation, transit and parking, as well as of parking passes, in every phase, even for several Municipalities.
    INES Cloud allows first of all the definition and customization of the various types of permits and the related tariff schemes of Trentino Mobilità, such as:


    • the customization of the parameters associated with the various types of permits, allowing changes to the regulations without resorting to software modifications or specialized initialization operations;
    • the initialization of new types of permits through guided operations that minimize the time and cost of the intervention;
    • the possibility of associating flexible and customizable rates with permits.

    In addition, INES Cloud provides the production of detailed reports on permits and recepits issued by Trentino Mobilità, linking information on the people, vehicles, permits, operators who handled the practice, as well as personalized reports.

    The on-line mobility help desk and the Trento mobility pass

    INES Cloud provides the end user with the ability to manage the entire process of acquiring the permit, including the purchase and renewal, through a digital help desk open 24/7 and accessible from any location connected the internet, without the need of going to the front office, supervising in a guided way the different phases:


    • preparation of the permit / renewal request
    • making any payments due
    • verification of the authorizations
    • issue of the authorization / identification
    • preparation of the submission documentation
    • expiration date notification

    The digitization of the permits / subscriptions of Trento is completed with the Permesso OK pass, a plasticized and anti-counterfeiting label, equipped with an RFID tag and QR Code, which ensures rapid digital identification of the vehicle, simplifying the control operations by the assigned personnel In fact, a click is enough to read the pass and the related authorizations, even remotely, via the Smart Sanctions app, from smartphones equipped with special RFID readers.