Crema, the revolution of sustainable mobility

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    1. INES Cloud
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    3. Parking Spot Sensors – System
  • Pisa (PI), November 22th 2017

    The collaboration between Kiunsys and Gestopark to innovate the management of mobility and parking is renovated. Theater of the renewed association is the city of Crema, 35,000 inhabitants, about thirty kilometers from Milan.

    Winner of the concession for parking management for the next 5 years, Gestopark together with Kiunsys is the protagonist of a radical transformation of mobility, Crema Smart Parking, the strategy outlined by the administration for a smart shift of the local public service of paid parking, which involves the realization of a series of technological innovations. The aim is to achieve a more intelligent and environmentally friendly mobility, reducing traffic flows and regulating accessibility to the city center, but also achieving a higher quality of service and greater user satisfaction thanks to the introduction of the 24h digital office for mobility services and thanks to the reduction of abuses and illicit use of car parks and access, transit and parking tickets.

    As part of the Crema Smart Parking initiative, Kiunsys has the task of developing, in collaboration with Gestopark, various technological components envisaged in the implementation of the project, both hardware and software.

    First of all, INES Cloud becomes the operational center for the management of mobility and parking, an integrated access point to all data on demand for parking and related payments, through a set of homogeneous interfaces, linked by an application logic able to enable the automation of management processes, monitoring, information to users and control, and integration with third-party systems, even in the future. In fact, INES Cloud also acts as an operational center for technical management, able to collect and process all the information concerning the health of field devices, which are regularly monitored.

    For services to citizens INES Cloud is integrated by Tap&Park, a mobile app for payment of mobility services and parking, with the possibility of interrupting or extending it remotely, without having to go to the parking meter, and by Smart Fines for a more effective and efficient on-street control by auxiliaries.

    Finally, the system is completed by a solution based on single parking sensors with LPWAN capabilities, one for each bay, to monitor the users’ demand for parking, the rotation and the occupation of the paid parking bays. The aim is to indicate in real time the number of available/occupied places, the payment status of parked vehicles, verify automatically the respect of the ticket expiration, guide users to the available parking spaces and have accurate statistics on violations and use of the parking areas at different times of the day and in the different periods of the year.