Lucca innovates access and pricing management for urban logistics

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  • Lucca (IT),  2017, October 1

    Lucca is one of the first European cities to develop a zero emission urban freight service: the European Commission funded the Life Aspire project, submitted by the City Council and selected among more than 850 projects, – 262 of which were Italian –  within the framework of the European Life Plus program.

    Kiunsys plays a leading role in the implementation of innovative solutions for City Logistics. Freight loading and unloading spaces can be checked and eventually secured by supply freight chain operators through an integrated platform – with an user interface available via mobile app – designed for the management of access licences into the historical centre. Managers will administer a credit system to provide discounts for trustworthy users, which is to be based on INES Cloud. A mobile On Board Unit (mOBU) will provide an infoparking service, reservations, check-in/out logs to register and display vehicles’ activities in loading areas. Parking sensors and RFID-based tools will put forward monitoring of parking lots. The entire system is developed to complete and enhance the existing infrastructures in town.

    The project

    Life Aspire was developed by the City Council in collaboration with Lucense, a subsidiary  company based at the Lucca technology center, and with Memex transport, an engineering company from  Leghorn. The project addresses the theme of the sustainability of freight transport in urban areas , especially as it concerns small and medium-sized towns with historical centres to be safeguarded. One of the most important expected results is the achievement of lower levels of environmental pollution due to commercial vehicle emissions, with a CO2 reduction of 11.6%, a NOx reduction of 10.6% and a Particulate Matter (PM) reduction of 12.6% compared to current levels. Within Life Aspire, Kiunsys realizes an innovative system, focusing on specific goals:

    • an integrated system for the release, check and payment of access licences to restricted areas, which is intended to provide benefits for trustworthy and green users
    • easy management of shipments’ length and real time infringement check
    • innovative digital tools and services for the sake of freight chain operators during (un)loading activities
    • through INES Cloud, an integrated management of freight traffic in restricted areas

    Smart Mobility and Urban Logistics SW tools provided by Kiunsys allow the City Council to subsidize urban sustainability. These objectives are contained in the recently approved General Traffic Plan, which allows the administration to obtain the tools necessary to build a system that can strongly stimulate a sustainable freight transport, in agreement with industry operators.  These objectives are also consistent with the provisions of the Municipal Air Quality Plan and the Urban Mobility Plan (Pums), still in progress.

    The project will be carried out in other partner cities, such as Stockholm in Sweden and Zadar in Croatia that, although with different urban dimensions, share with Lucca the need for a promotion of sustainable mobility and for the development of touristic and commercial activities in old towns.