Rho strives for smart mobility


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    1. INES Cloud
    2. Mobility Pass RFID
    3. Parking Spot Sensors – System
  • Pisa (PI), 19th July 2017

    Kiunsys now partners with Gestopark in a renewed public contract for the challenging update and management of the entire urban mobility in Rho (Milan). Project intervention areas are manifold: from access control to toll collection management, from traffic optimization to the monitoring and reporting of parking activities. Located in Milan Metropolitan Area (Greater Milan), Rho needed an ITS solution including both hardware and software equipment for an unified and centralised management of urban mobility, in accordance with Italian and European guidelines for urban sustainability. Kiunsys is in charge of a turnkey centralized and integrated system for the management of regulations and permits for parking and Limited Access Zones, multi channel payment, monitoring dashboard for mobility and parking operators, infoparking.

    Making parking easier for people’s sake.

    Kiunsys provides Rho with a complete solution for the unified management of the urban mobility and parking (on-street/off street), whose core is INES Cloud. Aside the more conventional parking tools and services, INES Cloud powers a mobility permits system which allows both easy management and friendly use of restricted access / controlled parking zones. Digital passes for frequent users and EU blue badge for disabled with integrated RFID chip smooth the way for free flow access in the off street parking areas, enhance disabled people access to traffic restricted zones, and improve the monitoring of commercial vehicles access in restricted zones and urban pedestrian areas. Parking Spot Sensor System have a twofold efficacy in respect of both final users and mobility managers: the former has the chance to real time rely on targeted navigation to available parking spots and to minimize cruising for parking – also thanks to the Tap&Park mobile app and variables message signs, the latter has a powerful tool to monitor, manage, and better plan traffic flow and parking areas.

    Kiunsys makes the difference.

    It has been shown that the lack of management and analysis tools decreases by 40% cities’ efficiency. Rho is now provided with a groundbreaking integrated system of Smart Urban Mobility, which makes use of up to date digital technologies (e.g. RFID, parking sensors). and allows to coherently manage different kind of parking spaces and limited traffic zones.