Second Round of the SOUL-FI accelerator for Kiunsys

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  • Second Round of the SOUL-FI accelerator for Kiunsys

    After successfully completing the Round A, Kiunsys is one of the few startups selected for the round B of SOUL-FI, one of the 16 European FIWARE accelerators, funded by the European Commission to promote innovative solutions to address the Future Internet and the smart cities.

    Kiunsys has now the ability to access a valuable national and international network of contacts – including investors, potential customers and partners – as well as also a wide range of support services to accelerate the development of its business.

    The future of urban mobility is the connected city

    Today 64% of kilometers travelled occur in urban areas, a figure expected to triple by 2050. One of the most effective solutions to the problems caused by city traffic is the city connected.

    It is in this light that Kiunsys always strives to offer a fully integrated  and connected mobility platform, open and able to overcome the fragmentation of the existing hardware and software systems for urban mobility, structured as a silos, by providing integrated and, more effective services.

    All urban mobility in a single, integrated and open platform

    INES Cloud, Kiunsys’ platform for the urban mobility, is already able to connect to a wide variety of urban mobility infrastructure (e.g. parking sensors, gates LTZ, variable message signs, law enforcement smartphone/handheld apps, smartphone app for parking payment, etc.) and to operate a large amount of data and processes. We want to make a leap forward and make INES the one stop solution for the management of all the main operations of urban mobility, parking & urban freight. Under this respect we need to focus on two key issues: embrace open standards for interfacing with third-party systems and adapt to future technological developments in the field of IoT and Big Data.

    The SOUL-FI project  goes precisely in this direction: Kiunsys’ goal is to exploit the technological components provided by FIWARE to enrich INES Cloud of new key features and services, so to make it the first integrated platform for the management of mobility, parking and logistics in cities.